Friday, January 10, 2014

International Yoga festival in Rishikesh India

 International Yoga Festival in India (Rishikesh Uttarakhand)


Uttarakhand Tourism every year celebrating the International Yog festival aiming
modification of capabilities through Yog, character building and health awareness. The
international Yog festival, Rishikesh- Uttarakhand celebrates the authentic origins of this
Union called Yog, in the lap of scenic Himalayas as well as back at holy Ganga.

Rishikesh is also internationally knows as a yoga capital, international yoga festival well yoga event to meat international yoga expert and learner international yoga festival is only event when you can connect internationally with expert and learner, so international yoga festival in rishikesh would a remember-able event of your life, by international yoga festival in Rishiksh offer world best yoga experience on very low cost, so your welcome to  join international  yoga festival in rishikesh and gain your in international yoga experiance  

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Yog and Meditation 


Every one can practice and learn from acclaimed Gurus of Traditional and international
Yogaa lineages. The international Yoga Festival gives visitors an opportunity to participate
in over 35-40 hours of Yog classes from world –class Yog teachers, practicing multiple
styles of Yog. Some of these include Kundalini yog, Power Vinyasa yog, Patanjali yog,
Kriya yog, Bhakti yog, Gyan yog and Karma yog.

Expressions of Interests are invited from well established Yoga Gurus, Institutions and
Yoga Therapy experts as to its various classical, traditional and scientific streams for
international yoga festival 2014 to be held in Rishikesh.

Institutions and yog Gurus willing to take part in the festival must send their expression
of interest as per following terms and conditions to the organizing committee within in 15
days of publication of the advertisement.

Organizing committee will finalize and extend invitations of participation to the selected
ten application from Yog Gurus / Institutions fulfilling the standard criteria set by the
committee selected. Gurus/Institutions will be able to offer their services
/training/teachings at the Yog Festival Campus on the bank of Divine Ganga. They will
be allocated a sitting space of about 100 persons in the Yoga Campus
Organizing committee schedule will include Yoga Classes’ Yoga Training and Yogic
exercise show during the festival as per its set standards and norms.
Registration of Trainees accompanying selected Yoga Gurus is mandatory. Besides this
other Yoga participants registered under committee will also be allowed to join Yoga

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